SSG 08

SSG 08

The official SSG 08 Description states:

The SSG 08 bolt-action is a low-damage but very cost-effective sniper rifle, making it a smart choice for early-round long-range marksmanship.

The SSG 08 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, replacing the Schmidt Scout from the previous games. The weapon is commonly nicknamed Scout due to its heavy physical resemblance to its predecessor.

The Steyr SSG 08 is an Austrian-made bolt-action sniper rifle, fed with 10 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is equipped with a high power lens scope for long range engagement. Unlike the previous Schmidt Scout, the SSG has increased damage per shot and lower price, making it more lethal and reliable as the alternative for the AWP. As such, the SSG 08 is more easily purchased if a team has lost the previous/pistol round. However, it is heavier than the Scout and users have a running speed of 230.

Popular CS GO Skins for the SSG 08:

SSG 08 | Blood in the Water

SSG 08 | Blood in the WaterSSG 08 | Dragonfire

SSG 08 | DragonfireSSG 08 | Big Iron

SSG 08 | Big Iron

Like its predecessor, the sniper will always deliver instant headshot kills but does not deal enough damage for an instant kill if a shot to the body is scored. However, unlike the Scout, an unarmored stomach shot will usually kill a target instantly.

The SSG 08 is cheap and its rate of fire is little faster than the AWP. In early rounds, players who wish to snipe can buy this weapon. In later rounds, the SSG is often used by players on the losing side or/and players who have insufficient money to purchase superior sniper rifles. Usually, the SSG – or as many people still call it, the Scout – is replaced by more powerful (expensive, and heavier) sniper rifles like the AWP and semi-auto sniper rifles. However, a skilled SSG user can suppress most assault rifles at long range and some other sniper rifles by maintaining their ability to score headshots on their enemies and being concealed with stealth or use of cover.

Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 352 299
Chest & Arm 88 74
Stomach 110 93
Leg 66 66
Over 100 signifies a guaranteed kill.
Weapon Finish Rarity Minimum Wear Maximum Wear
SSG 08 Abyss Mil-Spec 0 1
Acid Fade Mil-Spec 0 0.03
Big Iron Classified 0 0.64
Blood in the Water Covert 0.06 0.2
Blue Spruce Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Dark Water Mil-Spec 0.1 0.26
Death’s Head Restricted 0 0.51
Detour Mil-Spec 0 0.43
Dragonfire Covert 0 0.5
Ghost Crusader Restricted 0 1
Lichen Dashed Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Mayan Dreams Industrial Grade 0.06 0.8
Necropos Mil-Spec 0 1
Sand Dune Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Slashed Mil-Spec 0.15 0.8
Tropical Storm Industrial Grade 0.06 0.8