Sell CS GO Skins

Selling your CS GO skins to us is a very safe and fast process. In 4 simple steps, you can get your easy cash in less than 8 minutes, as opposed to waiting for a buyer on other CS GO skins marketplace sites.

We can pay you even as high as 85% for your items. Our small fee (5%-7%) and percentage of their Steam Community Market price will be determined upon confirmation and evaluation of the offer.

Right now, we can only pay you via PayPal or Bitcoin (or BTC). Soon, we will introduce more payment methods such as Western Union (direct cash), Skrill (Moneybookers), Qiwi, Webmoney or even Steam Wallet Codes – these could be later used in 1 on 1 trading between you, and one of our partners, on your demand and based on availability.

sell csgo skins

Please read the steps of how to sell CS GO Skins below before doing business with us.

sell cs go knife

After you press the button above to sell your items, you must select the items you wish to sell and drag & drop them in the trade window like a normal Steam trade.

sell skins bitcoin

If you want to get paid for your CS GO skins in PayPal, please introduce your PayPal e-mail in the message you want to include in your trade offer, in the bottom left corner. If you want to get paid via Bitcoin (or BTC), please introduce the Bitcoin address which you want us to pay you at. If this step is ignored, we won’t be able to pay you.


After step 1 & 2 have been completed, you must check if the condition of the CS GO skins you want to sell to us is correct, and then confirm that you’re only sending for no other item in exchange, but only cash from us.

sell skins

When all 3 steps have been successfully gone through, you must check the payment method you introduced with the PayPal e-mail/Bitcoin address and confirm & send the trade offer. After you send the trade offer, our bot will auto-evaluate the price of your item and make an automatic payment based on the address you introduced.