R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver

The official R8 Revolver Description states:

“The R8 Revolver delivers a highly accurate and powerful round at the expense of a lengthy trigger-pull. Firing rapidly by fanning the hammer may be the best option when point-blank stopping power is required.”

The R8 Revolver is an 8-shot CS GO pistol introduced as part of the 2015 Winter Update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The CS GO pistol, known in real life as the Smith & Wesson M&P R8, is the third pistol to be introduced to Global Offensive since the game’s retail release. It can be switched out for the Desert Eagle in-game. The Revolver is capable of firing 8 rounds via two separate attacks with only 8 rounds in reserve. The primary attack draws the hammer back before firing. As the hammer is drawn back, the accuracy of the revolver increases, movement speed drops to 180 units per second and then the gun fires after a 0.2 second delay. The secondary attack is a quick shot using the fanning technique, resulting in a much faster but less accurate shot.

Popular CS GO Skins for the R8 Revolver:

R8 Revolver Fade

R8 Revolver | Fade

This weapon is not available in Competitive Matchmaking mode after the March 24, 2017, but it is added back to Competitive matchmaking, along with the Negev, following the April 12, 2017 update.

Unarmored Armored
Head 342 319
Chest & Arm 85 79
Abdomen & Pelvis 107 99
Leg 64 64
Over 100 signifies a guaranteed kill.
Weapon Finish Rarity Minimum Wear Maximum Wear
R8 Revolver Amber Fade Classified 0 0.4
Bone Mask Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Crimson Web Mil-Spec 0.06 0.8
Fade Covert 0 0.4
Reboot Restricted 0 1