The official Nova Description states:

The Nova’s rock-bottom price tag makes it a great ambush weapon for a cash-strapped team.

The Nova is a pump-action shotgun that appears in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It replaces the M3 from early Counter-Strike games.

This Italian shotgun fires 8 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition, as with other shotguns in the game. It can be purchased by both the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. It has a slow rate of fire like the M3, but does slightly more damage. Furthermore, the pump of the Nova is slightly faster than the M3, thus enabling users to have a better chance of getting a kill while in combat. The Nova is the replacement for the M3 Shotgun from previous titles and, as with all the other shotguns, the CS:GO weapon has a 3× kill award multiplier in Classic Competitive whilst in Classic Casual, it’s $450 per kill.

Popular CS GO Skins for the Nova:

Nova | Hyper Beast

Nova | Hyper Beast

Nova | KoiNova | Koi

Because of the Nova’s low spread, users can easily strafe while firing at an enemies head or torso. Also, if all pellets hit a target (even with full armor), it can inflict heavy damage on a target.

When playing in a competitive match, the Nova acts as an effective anti-eco investment. Enemies who lost the pistol round are unlikely to buy armor and will be easily dispatched.

Do not let the shotgun’s poor armor penetration deceive you; because of the volume of pellets fired per shot and the low spread of its shot, it is still effective at close range against armored opponents.

The CS GO shotgun shares its reloading animations with the Sawed-Off and shares the same pump sound from the Sawed-Off and the MAG-7.

Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 106 52
Chest & Arm 26 13
Stomach 32 16
Leg 19 19
Each shot contains 9 pellets.
Over 100 signifies a guaranteed kill.
Weapon Finish Rarity Minimum Wear Maximum Wear
Nova Antique Classified 0 0.3
Blaze Orange Mil-Spec 0.06 0.8
Bloomstick Classified 0.06 0.8
Caged Steel Industrial Grade 0 0.2
Candy Apple Industrial Grade 0 0.3
Exo Mil-Spec 0 0.5
Forest Leaves Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Ghost Camo Mil-Spec 0 0.4
Gila Restricted 0 0.3
Graphite Restricted 0 0.12
Green Apple Industrial Grade 0 0.3
Hyper Beast Classified 0 0.6
Koi Restricted 0 0.3
Modern Hunter Mil-Spec 0.06 0.8
Moon in Libra Consumer Grade 0 0.5
Polar Mesh Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Predator Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Ranger Mil-Spec 0 1
Rising Skull Restricted 0 0.5
Sand Dune Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8
Tempest Mil-Spec 0.06 0.22
Walnut Consumer Grade 0.06 0.8