Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle (Deagle)

The official Desert Eagle (Deagle) Description states:

“As expensive as it is powerful, the Desert Eagle is an iconic pistol that is difficult to master but surprisingly accurate at long range.”

The Desert Eagle, also called “Deagle” by regular players, is one of the CS GO pistols featured in the Counter-Strike games under other names. The Deagle can be replaced with the R8 Revolver in CS GO.

Popular CS GO Skins for the Desert Eagle (Deagle):


Desert Eagle | Golden Koi

The Desert Eagle, commonly nicknamed “Deagle” or “Hand Cannon”, is the very powerful semi-automatic CS GO pistol for professional, skilled players. It is available for both CT and T teams. It is loaded with 7 bullets of .50 Action Express which gives the Deagle the ability to inflict very high amounts of damage.

The Deagle is most probably one of the incredibly popular and widely used CS GO pistols in the series. In CS GO, it currently costs $700 isntead of $650 from the previous games. The movement speed from the old games of the Desert Eagle was 250 units/second, meaning players would not suffer any reduction of speed . However, in CS GO, the Desert Eagle currently has a movement speed of 230 units/s, which is a moderate reduction of the player’s speed. The Deagle has the second slowest movement speed from all the CS GO pistols, currently beating the R8 Revolver with a higher movement speed.

Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 249 232
Chest & Arm 62 58
Stomach 77 72
Leg 46 46
Over 100 signifies a guaranteed kill.
Weapon Finish Rarity Minimum Wear Maximum Wear
Desert Eagle Blaze Restricted 0 0.08
Bronze Deco Mil-Spec 0 0.46
Cobalt Disruption Classified 0 0.2
Conspiracy Classified 0 0.3
Corinthian Mil-Spec 0 0.44
Crimson Web Restricted 0.06 0.8
Directive Restricted 0.06 1
Golden Koi Covert 0 0.12
Hand Cannon Restricted 0.01 0.7
Heirloom Restricted 0 0.8
Hypnotic Classified 0 0.08
Kumicho Dragon Classified 0 0.76
Meteorite Mil-Spec 0 0.18
Midnight Storm Industrial Grade 0 0.75
Mudder Industrial Grade 0.06 0.8
Naga Restricted 0 1
Night Industrial Grade 0.06 0.8
Oxide Blaze Mil-Spec 0 0.5
Pilot Restricted 0 1
Sunset Storm 壱 Restricted 0 0.75
Sunset Storm 弐 Restricted 0 0.75
Urban DDPAT Industrial Grade 0.06 0.8
Urban Rubble Mil-Spec 0 0.5