When we’re adding cash in addition to trades to make up for the offer we’ve given you, the offer’s percent of the Steam Community Market Price of your item(s) which can be between 95% and 100% will be determined upon the trade. If the price of our CS GO Skins, for example, is 75% of the market price of your CS GO Skins, we will make up till 95% or 100% with cash. In the example situation, we would pay 25% of your items’ total market price. Please keep in mind that CS GO Stash and its partners will never go first in deals. In such trades where cash is involved, the user must trade the items for our/our partners’ items, following the payment of the remaining percentage we have determined with you.

We carefully select our permanent partners that supply us the best CS:GO skins with the best possible prices as we also select carefully permanent partners that want to buy most skins at reasonable prices. We are not responsible for any errors or delays that may appear, even though we permanently monitor all traders and all the information related. We permanently update and verify the list of traders we work with. We add new traders and remove traders that do not perform accordingly to be able to perform and give you the best deals possible.