Gamma Case

CS:GO Cases

Whether you need them for a massive CS GO case opening or you’re just trying to sell them on the Steam Community Market, CS GO cases are vital items in CS GO. They drop at every end of match to most people in-game and some can get very rare. Containers from previous eSports events such as ESL Cologne or MLG Columbus like the best one – Souvenir Cobblestone Package or other sticker capsules count as CS GO cases.

CS GO cases can all be unboxed the same way, with a CS GO key bought directly from steam as an in-game purchase, except for the ENFU Capsule that doesn’t require a CS GO key. Other than the ENFU Capsule, there are CS GO cases such as the Autograph Capsule (first present in MLG Columbus 2016) which does not require a CS GO key to open, and that drops a single sticker with a signature from an eSports player, from the specific team present on the Autograph Capsule.

CS GO Cases:

Operation Hydra Case

Chroma 3 Case

Gamma Case

Gamma 2 Case

Glove Case

Spectrum Case

CS GO Weapon Case

CS GO Weapon Case 2

CS GO Weapon Case 3

Chroma Case

Chroma 2 Case

eSports 2013 Case

eSports 2013 Winter Case

eSports 2014 Summer Case

Falchion Case

Huntsman Weapon Case

Operation Bravo Case

Operation Breakout Weapon Case

Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

Operation Wildfire Case

Revolver Case

Shadow Case

Winter Offensive Weapon Case 

Current Drops & Popular Cases

The current CS GO drops (cases that will always drop in CS GO matches) and the most popular CS GO Cases in the game, such as the Gamma Case which introduced plenty of new skins for the old knives, such as the Autotronic or Bright Water CS GO knife skins, or the Spectrum Case, which introduced the initial Chroma Case knife skins such as the Tiger Tooth or Marble Fade CS GO skins.

Gamma Case

Spectrum Case

The Operation Hydra Case

Chroma Case