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When you buy CS GO skins from us, the percentage you’re going to pay of the CS GO skins’ Steam Community Market Price will be between 85% and even as low as 60%. Dealing with us is in your favour, because the skins you would normally find on the steam market that cost for example $200, can be traded or bought from us for even as low as $140. This low percentage applies to most of the cool CS GO skins out there, currently the cheapest only at CS GO Stash.

To buy CSGO Skins safely, the only payment method CS GO Stash currently approves is Bitcoin (or BTC). CS GO Stash uses Bitcoin because it’s the only current method in which the money can’t be withdrawn/refunded by only one party, without the approval of the other party.

buy csgo skins

The procedure when you buy CSGO Skins from us is simple. Please keep in mind that CS GO Stash and its affiliates never go first in trades or deals, as that would be against the CS GO Stash Terms & Conditions. It has, is and will always be this way as our client satisfaction is guaranteed in every deal and it is supported by our excellent service.

Remember when you’re in progress of any deal with us that CS GO Stash and its affiliates will not lose their time with discussing about who goes first based on your reputation. This will only earn you a permanent block and a spot on our blacklist based on our terms.

The procedure is the following (please fill in boxes accordingly):

Form to Buy CSGO Skins

After you complete the purchasing form, you will be emailed a payment address, and if the payment goes through, you can get your items at the trade link you’ve mentioned.