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CS GO Stash has been and currently is the only CS GO skins marketplace and platform that can purchase your items for even as high as 85% of their market prices. Every deal on CSGOStash.net of CS GO skins is quick, profitable and secure to maintain trust, integrity and client satisfaction.

CS GO Stash

CS GO is mostly all about skins and items. Whether you’re a professional, experienced trader or just a regular player, we know you’ve always dreamt of using those cool and fabulous CS GO skins to impress your friends. Now, it’s all coming to reality with CS GO Stash, your best source of Counter Strike Global Offensive skins, items, keys, cases & so on.

Here at CS GO Stash, we will make your dreams come true. If you really want good skins, and not some overpriced boring skin you’ve bought for a ridiculously high price on some other CS GO marketplace, sell your current, old CS GO skins to us for their almost integral Steam Community Market Price, so you can finally get those wonderful CS GO skins you’ve always wanted. We’ve also got tons of cool Counter Strike Global Offensive skins in stock for you to buy, at the lowest prices on the internet.

Our CS GO Skins Database contains a lot of information on every single one of the CS GO skins, so you and your friends can learn some more about any CS GO skins you want to sell to us or buy from us.

CS GO Stash

To ensure the best experience and satisfaction for our clients, the prices of our CS GO skins are often more than 20% off their Steam Community Market price. When you’re selling your items to us, a small fee will be included which can vary from 5% to 7% of the respective items’ Steam Community Market prices.

CS GO Stash – Where your CS:GO dreams come true.

When you’re buying from us, most of the time the item will cost between 85% and 60% of its average Steam Community Market price in the last 3 months, as opposed to the others, that would ask you for over 85%. When you sell items to us, the same percentage limits will be used, adding our small fee (5% to 7%), compared to the rest of the basic marketplaces that normally pay you 60%, half, or even less.

Each time you buy Counter Strike Global Offensive skins from CS GO Stash and each time you sell skins to CS GO Stash you will receive free CSGO skins, in addition to the accepted transaction. Giving you free CSGO skins is a way for saying thank you and wishing you a great time playing Counter Strike Global Offensive with great CS GO skins, and, you should know that even if many are regular skins, some of the free CS GO skins can be of a high market value of over $50, or even over $100!

CS GO Stash

CS GO Stash

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